Monday, April 2, 2012

It's been... a while

So I have not been a good blogger. My number of postings, last edited in 2009 attests to that. At the time I started, I was sort of pressured into it by some families we wished to stay in touch with as we were all moving apart from each other. I warned them... I just wasn't that into it. I hardly ever even posted new pictures to my existing facebook account. None the less, I made an effort. I tried, and failed. However, I have decided to give it another try. There are so many beautiful things in my life that I feel grateful for, and as such, I figured this would be a great way of keeping a record of all of those beautiful things. Here goes one more try!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our kids are so fun!

Madylin and Heber are finally getting to the stage where they are trying to play with each other, so now Heber's favorite things are having mommy or daddy make Madylin "jump" or "walk." When we hold on to her hands, she gets so excited to be standing up that she then begins to either run in place or start jumping up and down. Heber then takes about 5 steps backward and jumps to her until he falls into my lap (I have to quickly move Madylin aside) and then we start all over again. We do this for as long as I will keep up with them. They also "buzz" together. Madylin is trying to learn to make sounds, and her favorite sounds is making the motorcylcle sound with her lips, and Heber thinks this is hilarious, so they sit and do it back and forth at each other. Lastly, Mady is extremely ticklish, so Heber goes and gets his favorite plastic toy horse, and rides it up and down her tummy until she is laughing histerically. They are so much fun. With as busy as Chris is, thank goodness for very fun, very cute, and VERY entertaining little ones!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Farewell Summer

This pic is from last fall (I was about 3 mos. along with Madylin), but I love it!

After a lot of teeth pulling and arm twisting I have finally decided to start a blog for our family. I decided to start with a recap of our beautiful summer as fall has now come in good 'ol Utah.

Our summer got a big kick-off this year with a brand new baby girl!!

Heber and Madylin

Just the fam up the canyon with new born Madylin

Chris and Heber's sweet hair after a day at the lake!

So sad to see our wonderful day at this beautiful private artisan lake end! :(

Thanksgiving Point petting zoo (Heber LOVED the pony ride)
Playing at Day Break Lake
Lagoon!Heber, Faith, Zion, and John